Simply Gorgeous
In 2016 I had an idea to make and create hi DESIGN costume jewelry as gifts for friends. This led to using personal pieces from foreign lands included but not limited to crosses. Marking holidays, trips, milestones... for my immediate family and personal close friends and gifts for any occasion. These creative designs have become much admired and desired and I was encouraged to make them available to others. "SIMPLY GORGEOUS" was created and led to this Website being created. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your purchase and may you experience the wonderment of friends. If you received this as a gift, then you are a true friend.
About Me - Judith Anne
As a little girl I used to sit in a field of clover and twist the blossoms to wear around my neck and wrist and create pieces of wearable jewelry. I remember the day my Father gave me my first pearls. I have always been a nature girl outside in the dap side of natures palette of colors., I love color and patterns and want to mirror that in my designs, What excites me and my team of designers including our clientele about SIMPLY GORGEOUS is the capability of truly customizing each piece from the house of SIMPLY GORGEOUS.